Technical services

Chief Process Engineer Department

   Chief Process Engineer Department of Kristall Design Bureau performs the following tasks:
— development of process procedures with a purpose of mastering of new primary products;

— ensuring commissioning of new advanced technologies, scientific and research works on enhancement of technology and manufacturing process;

— engineering support of production and inspection of technical discipline of current process procedures compliance;

— regular improvement of technologies of manufacturing of current products and efficient utilization of fixed assets, decrease of material and labor costs;

— participation and improvement of the company standards related to process procedures with due regard to requirements of national and international standards RV 0015-002, ISO 9001.
   The Chief Process Engineer Department utilizes advanced means of automation of engineering process preparation on the basis of SolidWorks software package and comprehensive automated information system based on 1C:ERP:
— design of special production accessories and development of detailed design documentation is carried out in SolidWorks Professional;
— development of operating programs for NC machines is carried out in CAMWorks;
— development of process flow documentation in compliance with the Unified System of Technical Documentation is carried out with application of SWR-Technology CAD system;
— management of data and processes on different stages of engineering process preparation is carried out in SolidWorks Enterprise PDM.


Chief Process Engineer Department is engaged in:

— development and implementation of cutting edge, economically feasible and resource-saving process procedures and conditions of manufacturing of the company’s products;

— development and implementation of executive software for NC machines;

— designing of special cutting and measuring tools;

— designing of dies, casting molds, stamps;

— designing of special production accessories;

— development and implementation of measures on increase of the level of planning and technical reequipment of production, reduction of consumption of raw materials, materials, labor costs, increase of product quality and growth of labor efficiency;

— development of draft amendments to technical documentation due to adjustment of process procedures and production modes;

— mastering of advanced process procedures and cutting edge materials;

— preparation of plans of introduction of new equipment and technologies, increase of technical and economical efficiency of production;

— development of process flow documentation, arrangement of control over provision thereof to workshops, sites and other production units of the company;

— development and fulfillment of future and current plans of production engineering;

— detection of violations of technical discipline and taking of remedial measures;

— development of planning concepts for new workshops and sites;

— development and implementation of innovative standards of labor costs, process fuel and electric power, raw materials and materials consumption;

— constant improvement of product manufacturing technology;

— integrated mechanization and automation of production processes;

— introduction of non-standardized equipment, production accessories, fixtures and tools;

— implementation of CAD systems, office mechanization facilities and computing hardware, automated equipment and process procedures management systems;

— performance of research and experimental works on mastering of newly developed process procedures.

Chief Metallurgist Department


Key works of the Chief Metallurgist Department: Development of process flow documentation for:

 — heat treatment of medium-strength structural steel 30HGSA, 38HA, 18H2N4VA, corrosion-resistant steels 12Kh18N10T, 14Kh17N2, 07Kh16N6 (EP288, SN2А), 95Kh13М3К3B2F (EP766,) 12Kh17G9АN4 (EI878), 09Kh15N8Yu (EI904), 0Kh17N7GT (EI814), 68NKhVKTYu (EP578), cast steels 10Kh18N9BL, 14Kh17N2L, chrome steels 12Kh13, 20Kh13, 30Kh13, 95Kh18, carburizing steels 12KhN3A, 12Kh2N4А, 12Kh2NVFA, nitrited steels 38H2MYA, 03H11N10М2Т (VNS17), spring steels 51KhFА, 65S2VА, 60S2А, aluminum wrought alloys D1, D16, AK4, AK4-1 and cast alloys AK5M (AL5), AK7ch (AL9), AM4,5Kd (VAL10), titanium alloys OT4, OT4-1, VT3-1, VT5, VT6, VT20;

— thermochemical treatment steel nitriding steel cementation 38H2MYA, 03H11N10М2Т (VNS17), 12KhN3A, 12Kh2N4А, 12Kh2NVFA (EI712);

— furnace brazing of vane-type products, steel turbines 14Kh17N2, 12Kh18N10T;

— high frequency current brazing of steel pipelines 12Kh18N10T, 12Kh18N9T;

— iron soldering of filters and fittings manufactured from copper alloys and corrosion-resistant steels;

— argon arc welding of stainless steels and aluminum alloys;

— repair of casting defects from AK5M (AL5), AK7ch (AL9), AM4,5Kd (VAL10) and 10Kh18N9BL, 14Kh17N2L;

— resistance spot welding of stainless steel frames, filters, meshes 12Kh18N10T;

— manufacturing of steel cylindrical pressure springs;

— galvanic coating (hard anodizing of aluminum alloys, anodizing of aluminum alloys, electroless nickeling of 14H17N2 steel, chemical passivation of stainless steels and aluminum alloys, electropolishing of stainless steels, bonderization of structural steels, copper coating, cadmium plating, zinc plating, chromium plating);

— manufacturing of general mechanical rubber products;

— chemical analysis of cast steel and cast aluminum alloys;

— mechanical testing of aluminum wrought and cast alloys, steel castings and parts upon heat treatment;

— X-ray inspection of aluminum and steel casting;

— X-ray inspection of weld seams of aluminum alloys;

— X-ray inspection of steel pipelines brazing;

— check of chemical composition of electroplating baths;

— check of fuels and oils;

— incoming inspection and service life extension of raw compounds (physical test);

— check for micro cracks of aluminum alloys by the dye penetrant flaw detection;

— determination of aluminum alloys microstructure after heat treatment (overburning inspection);

— check of layer depth and microstructure after nitriding and cementation (after nitriding – micro-hardness check).

Chief Metrologist Department

   Metrological Service of Kristall Design Bureau is formed as a structural unit of the Chief Metrologist Department for performance of tasks on ensuring uniformity of measurements and metrological support of development, manufacturing and testing of products (units) at the company; Chief Metrologist Department carries out its activities in close cooperation with main structural units of the company and consists of two laboratories: instrumentation and automation, line and angle measurements.

   Main duties of the Chief Metrologist Department include:
— ensuring uniformity and required measurement accuracy, enhancement of level of metrological support of production;

— metrological examination of specifications, design, detailed design and process flow documentation;

— arrangement of verification and calibration of test systems, check of means of control in operation;

— arrangement of works on repair, installation, commissioning of new test systems and replacement of obsolete test systems;

— execution of high-accuracy measurements;

— arrangement and preparation of documentation for primary qualification of test equipment;

— participation in scheduled qualification of test equipment;

— exercise of metrological supervision over condition and application of test systems, compliance with metrological standards and rules.