Quality management system

   Stable and high-quality manufacturing of products at Kristall Design Bureau is ensured by efficient quality management system.
   Top-priority area of activities of the company in the field of quality in compliance with GOST RV 0015-002 and GOST ISO 9001 lies in satisfaction of needs and expectations of consumers.

The company’s Quality Management System extends to all types of activities:





Warranty support and supervision over aircraft

   In order to meet quality requirements imposed by consumers with respect to developed and supplied products, as well as requirements of laws and regulations, a process approach is implemented with respect to management of operations of structural units.
   Quality policy and goals of Kristall Design Bureau embrace all phases and spheres of activities of the company: contractual work, finance management, infrastructure and production environment, production preparation, personnel management, designing and development, procurement, manufacturing, unit repair, monitoring and measurement of processes, monitoring and measurement of products, analysis and improvement.
   All these processes are analyzed on an ongoing basis.

Kristall Design Bureau possesses the licenses from the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and the Federal Service for Defense Order, which allow performance of works on development, manufacturing, testing and repairing of aircraft equipment.