Metal Working Production

”OKB “Kristall” JSC
possesses equipment fleet, which allows manufacturing of high-technology products:



(maximum dimensions of a blank: Ø до 500 мм, length до 1500 мм)


NC turning

(maximum dimensions of a blank: Ø до 420 мм, length up 525 мм; driving tool working)



(Table dimensions: 1250x320 мм)

NC milling

(maximum dimensions of a blank / weight: Ø 800x750 мм/ 500 кg; workability by 5 axes at a time)


Multi-axis boring

(table work space: 1100x630 мм, мwork piece weight up 600 кg; accuracy 0,005 мм)



(maximum dimensions of a blank(LxWxH): 420х280х120)

Surface grinding

(maximum dimensions of a blank (LxWxH): 630x200x370, weight 220 кg, accuracy 0,0025 мм)


Circular grinding

(Ø 3÷60 мм, length up 380 мм; working accuracy up 0,0015 мм; Ø up 315 мм, length до 630 мм, working accuracy up 0,005 мм)


Internal grinding

(Ø 6÷80 мм, length up 150 мм, working accuracy up 0,0015 мм)

Profile grinding

(maximum dimensions of work piece: profile height 78 мм, area 250x70 мм)


Thread grinding

(Ø 3÷150 мм length up 375 мм, accuracy 0,004 мм)


Centerless grinding

(Ø 0,5÷10 мм, length up 58 мм)


(Ø 0,03-50 кg, length 40-500 мм, accuracy up to 0,05 gмм/кg)


Die cut

(nominal force 25 t; table dimensions width/length: 460/630 мм)



(nominal force 100 t; table dimensions 630x630 мм)


(table dimensions: 360x500 мм)


Thread rolling

(Ø 3-75 мм length up 116 мм)



(gas-shielded welding with non-consumable electrode – WIG/TIG welding)



(Maximum travel: 1250 мм)

Tool-making facilities

         Tool-making facilities of Kristall Design Bureau specialize in manufacturing of stamps, die molds, special accessories, special and cutting tools. Multi-purpose and special equipment fleet, highly-trained personnel and long-term operational experience define technological potential for manufacturing of products in compliance with quality standards.