Financial and Economic Unit and Personnel Management Unit

Financial and Economic Unit and Personnel Management Unit are among the key links of Kristall Design Bureau, since achievement of the company’s strategic objectives depends on efficient utilization of financial resources and engagement of highly skilled employees.
Virtually every business process within the organization is related to finance and subject to financial verification.

Main duties of the Financial and Economic Unit include:

— Implementation of the company’s financial strategy and financial policy;
— Arrangement of financial activities of the company with a purpose of efficient utilization of financial resources;
— Elaboration of the company’s economic development forecasts and participation in formation of key indicators of operations.
— Participation in development of business plans, creation of prospective and current financial plans and budgets of the company and operative control over performance thereof;

— Provision of necessary financial, operational, regular and analytical information to internal and external users;
— Comprehensive economic and financial analysis of the company’s operations, development of measures focusing on increase of the efficiency of financial management, mitigation of financial risks and increase of profitability;
— Control over compliance with financial discipline, timely and complete discharge of contractual liabilities, expenses and flow of revenues;
— Interaction with counterparties and financial organizations within its competence.

In turn, the main duties of the Personnel Management Unit include:

— Engagement of highly-skilled employees;
— Creation of the environment necessary for efficient use of knowledge, skills and experience of employees;
— Improvement of the remuneration system and incentives;
— Increase in labor satisfaction of all personnel categories;
— Provision of opportunities to employees for development, upgrading of skills and professional growth; encouragement of creative activity;
— Formation and preservation of favorable staff morale;
— Enhancement of personnel assessment methods; management of internal transfers and career of employees;
— Participation in development of organizational strategy.