Design Bureau

   The team of Kristall Design Bureau is a personnel of highly skilled, result-oriented designers and scientists, who work in different fields of creation of aircraft units.
   The personnel of Kristall Design Bureau cooperates with the leading aircraft and engine manufacturing companies, scientific and research institutes, academies and universities relying on the latest achievements of science and technology, utilizing up-to-date methods of calculation and finding original design solutions.

   Currently the key direction of specialists of Kristall Design Bureau under Design and Development Works and Scientific and Research Works lies in development of fuel pumps of various types and purposes, fixed frequency AC generator drives (capacity of 15 to 150 kW) with possible starter firing of aircraft engine, various types of air compressors, air turbine-driven units, emergency hydraulic power stations driven by vane wind engine.

         Design supervision of serially manufactured in-house units of Kristall Design Bureau at production sites of other Russian companies is another area of activities performed by specialists of Kristall Design Bureau.