Development of aviation fuel,
hydraulic and electrical systems.


The “Kristall” design bureau has a complete technological cycle of aggregate production: from casting to assembly-testing sites. It allows us to manufacture products of high quality, to service and repair it on a high professional level. Our facilities are represented by:

  • metal-working;
  • metal casting;
  • assembly-testing;
  • plastic composite.

The high quality of our services and products is being determined by the professionalism of our engineers & technologists and the use of advanced technologies.

Metal Working Production

We manufacture compression moulds, dies, metal-cutting tool & specialized equipment of high quality. Our metal-working equipment fleet is represented by:

  • CNC Lathe Machines;
  • CNC Mills;
  • File Board Sander, Circular Grinder, Internal Bore Grinder;
  • Jig Borer;
  • Form-Grinding Machine, Thread-Grinding Machine;
  • Balancing Machine, Metal-Forming Equipment;
  • Pressure Equipment, Straightening Machine, Welding Equipment.


Foundry and Heat Treatment Shop

The foundry-thermal unit of the “Kristall” design bureau has wide facilities of aluminum & metal casting and its heat treatment. We produce metal investment casting. As for aluminum casting, it includes:

  • Die Casting;
  • Cold-Box Casting;
  • Green Sand Casting;
  • Investment Casting.

The manufacturing is realized according to the Russian State Standards, technical specifications and instructions of the All-Russian Research Institute of Aviation Materials. We realize either serial manufacturing or custom:

  • Ornamental Casting;
  • Casting for Daily Wants;
  • Heat Treatment of Non-Ferrous Casting;
  • Heat Treatment of High-Alloy Steel Casting;
  • Hardening & Nitriding Steel Parts.


Assembly and testing complex

Assembly and testing complex is the integral part of the “Kristall” design bureau. Its staff assumes responsibility on completing units and testing of end products. They take especial care to the quality control and are real professionals. They pack and send products to our customers only after personal checking up the quality and absence of any defects.

The close collaboration of our assembly-testing site with our design unit helps us to get ahead in the development of new products.



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  • Design bureau Antonov

  • Design bureau Ilyushin