Development of aviation fuel,
hydraulic and electrical systems.

Repair Units

Kristall Design Bureau carries out overhaul of in-house aircraft units.

This is a wide range of centrifugal electrical pumps, turbine plants, generator drives and other products.

Overhaul is the most comprehensive and complicated type of repair implying not only recovery of good condition, but also recovery of overhaul life of products.

This requires thorough fault detection and micro measurements using the most advanced tools and inspection methods; replacement and improvement of a wide range of component parts (including basic parts) and full scale testing.

At the same time, overhaul is an obligatory and one of the most important phases of operation of aviation equipment.

The team of the repair and operation department of OKB Kristall JSC is highly qualified, result-oriented employees, fully monitoring and controlling the repair process, regardless of its volume and complexity.

During its work the team of the department interacts with all divisions of OKB Kristall JSC, starting from the dispatching department, ending with the test complex, as well as with the customer.

The repair implies a complete cycle of works from the formation of a repair kit of spare parts to participation in acceptance testing.

All issues arising during this time-consuming process are decided by the employees of the repair and maintenance department.

In some cases, when unforeseen problems arise during the repair of the units or a developer's solution is required, our department has a unique opportunity to receive the advice of designers directly leading this subject. And it helps us a lot in our work.

In its work, the department of repair and operation involves a wide range of the most modern equipment, which allows to perform service maintenance and repair at the modern technological level in full compliance with all normative documents.

All this makes it possible for Kristall design bureau not only to develop and produce the most advanced aircraft units, but also to solve any problems related to the failure and failure of products in operation, which in turn allows maintaining the fleet in a state of permanent airworthiness aircraft for civil purposes.

At present, new test boxes of the units are being put into operation, using the latest measurement instruments and new technologies.


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