Development of aviation fuel,
hydraulic and electrical systems.

Service and Repair

One of the areas of activity of OKB "Kristall" is the servicing of aircraft units that complete aircraft of the widest range of destinations.

Service consists of:
Repair Units

Kristall Design Bureau carries out overhaul of in-house aircraft units.

Overhaul - is the most complete and complex type of repair and implies not only the restoration of serviceability, but also the restoration of the overhauls of the products.


One of the main tasks of OKB Kristall is to ensure high operational reliability of the products and constant increase of its resource indicators.

At the same time, the enterprise closely interacts with other organizations and is guided by the requirements of the current normative and technical documentation, including the documentation on standardization.


Increase in resource indicators of aggregates
Design Supervision

Kristall Design Bureau renders services on the author's accompaniment of serial production of self-developed units for a number of enterprises located in different regions of the Russian Federation. You can get acquainted with the full current list of enterprises, by clicking on "Readmore".



  • Design bureau Tupolev

  • Design bureau Antonov

  • Design bureau Ilyushin