Development of aviation fuel,
hydraulic and electrical systems.

Increase in resource indicators of aggregates

One of the main tasks of OKB Kristall is to ensure high operational reliability of the products and constant increase of its resource indicators.

Increase in resource indicators of aggregates

To achieve this goal, work is being carried out aimed at confirming compliance of reliability indicators with the requirements of technical conditions and increasing them.

At the same time, the enterprise closely interacts with other organizations and is guided by the requirements of the current normative and technical documentation, including the documentation on standardization.

In order to carry out these works, studies are carried out on the identified shortcomings in the operation of the product, the development and implementation of corrective measures for their elimination, as well as an assessment of their effectiveness, based on the analysis of failures and malfunctions.

Confirmation of compliance of reliability indicators with specified requirements is carried out annually according to operation data.

Carrying out reliability calculations at all stages of the life cycle makes it possible to bring the reliability indicators up to the required values ​​at the time of commissioning the units, and significantly exceed them during further operation.

In order to satisfy customer requirements and increase competitiveness, JSC OKB Kristall is carrying out a set of activities to increase the resources and service life of the products.

Based on the results of the work performed, the technical documentation is adjusted to install increased resource indicators.

The works are carried out in accordance with GOST RV 15.702-94.


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