Development of aviation fuel,
hydraulic and electrical systems.

Works and services

Scientific and Research Works and Design and Development Works

Currently the key direction of specialists of Kristall Design Bureau under Design and Development Works and Scientific and Research Works lies in development of fuel pumps of various types and purposes, fixed frequency AC generator drives.


In its work the department uses a wide range of the most modern equipment, which makes it possible to perform service maintenance in full compliance with all normative documents.


Service and Repair
Технический надзор и авторское сопровождение

Kristall Design Bureau renders services on the author's accompaniment of serial production of self-developed units for a number of enterprises located in different regions of the Russian Federation. You can get acquainted with the full current list of enterprises, by clicking on "Readmore".


Kristall Design Bureau has a complete process cycle for pump unit production beginning with foundry and ending with assembling and test cycles, allowing to manufacture high-quality products at modern technological level, to provide their delivery, after-sales service and repair.


Технический надзор и авторское сопровождение

  • Design bureau Tupolev

  • Design bureau Antonov

  • Design bureau Ilyushin