Development of aviation fuel,
hydraulic and electrical systems.

Foundry and Heat Treatment Shop

Primary operations of a foundry and heat treatment shop include manufacturing of mold aluminum and steel castings, as well as heat treatment of castings and details.

Aluminum is cast in the following manner:

  • sand and clay mixes casting;
  • casting into cold hardening mixtures manufactured under «Alpha-set» process;
  • casting into molds under consumable patterns;
  • gravity die casting.

Steel is cast into molds under consumable patterns:

  • Maximum dimensions of castings, mm — 400×400×250;
  • Maximum weight of a casting — 10 kg;
  • Casting accuracy class – 4-5.

All manufactured aluminum and steel castings comply with GOSTs, OSTs, Technical Specifications and instructions of All-Russian Research Institute of Aviation Materials.

We cast on the basis of drawings, dies and finished products.

Art castings and castings for household purpose are also possible.

We carry out heat treatment of non-ferrous castings and high alloy steel castings.

We carry out treatment with cold and chemical-engineering treatment (cementation, nitriding) of steel parts.

Highly professional experience in manufacturing of products for the aviation industry, teamwork, sound production and up-to-date equipment allows manufacturing of castings of high quality and superior heat treatment of parts.


  • Design bureau Tupolev

  • Design bureau Antonov

  • Design bureau Ilyushin