Development of aviation fuel,
hydraulic and electrical systems.

Assembly Complex

Assembly Complex forms one of the key departments of Kristall Design Bureau.

Assembly and Test Complex is engaged in making a complete set of generators, rotary units and pumps by assembly parts and separate units. Upon integration, units are assembled, tested, conserved and packed at the complex sites. Tested units are shipped to consumers. Control over quality of performance of technological operations by quality control employees and representatives of the customer is exercised at all phases of work, from kitting to packing.

Our company is an experienced design bureau, therefore, large volume of works is carried out by the Assembly and Test Complex jointly with the Design Department, since any new developments require confirmation of validity of works, which is achieved by means of several types of tests: development, qualification, standard and periodical tests.

Currently new test kits are commissioned with application of advanced measuring tools and new technologies.


  • Design bureau Tupolev

  • Design bureau Antonov

  • Design bureau Ilyushin