Development of aviation fuel,
hydraulic and electrical systems.


To ensure operation of aircraft hydraulic systems in emergency situations related to the failure of main hydraulic pumps, Kristall Design Bureau developed the line-up of emergency ram air turbines (RAT).

In terms of design, they consist of a turbine itself, a control system and a deployment system, and depending on the specific embodiment, they might have a bevel gear, a drive shaft, a high-pressure pump and/or a generator.

At the customer’s request, the system can be equipped with an electric generator or hydraulic pump, or include both of them in case of a hybrid RAT.

The VD-004V RAT is the most widespread representative of this class of units.

In emergency situation, the wind-powered turbine is deployed into the external air stream and drives the variable displacement hydraulic pump providing airplane’s central hydraulic system with power at flight speeds from 250 to 730 km/h.

Designation Q Р Mass Working fluid Dimensions


l/h kgf/cm2 kg mm
ATN-23 1080 150 22 AMG-10 598хØ400
VD-004V 4200 210 36 NHZh (Skydrol) 300х190х400
VD-004V-1 4200 210 36 AMG-10 300х190х400
TNA-58 12400 26,5 fuel
TNA-S/h1 90000 4,8 12 toxic chemicals
TEA-58 3250 210 44 fuel 600х340х340