Development of aviation fuel,
hydraulic and electrical systems.


Kristall Design Bureau developed a number of turbopump assemblies for emergency hydraulic systems – TNUA, TNU-86-3, TNU-86A and TNUK, which provide power and ensure flight completion in emergency situations caused by failure of main power supply sources of hydraulic systems.

Turbopump units consist of an air drive, hydraulic pump, reducer and control system. They are designed to power aircraft hydraulic systems not only during emergency modes, but during ground servicing as well. Pressure adjustment at the outlet of a fixed displacement piston pump is achieved through the change of rotor speed.

It provides increase of service life of the pump due to the fact that it mostly operates at lower speeds. Air for the drive is supplied from the aircraft engine compressor or from the external power truck on the airfield. For example, the TNU-86 pump unit has been successfully used in IL-86 aircraft over many years.

The TNUA pump unit is the base for all turbopump units, in which the blisk titanium turbine was used for the first time as the air drive withstanding up to 100,000 rpm while normal operational speed is 24,000 rpm.

The TNUA pump unit was also the base for the TG-17 turbo-generator and the TP-35 turbo-unit developed later to drive the gearbox of the MI-28N helicopter.

Designation Turbine (air) Pump Mass Working fluid Dimensions
atm kg/s kgf/cm2 l/min kg mm
TNU 2,85-5,9 0,55 140-240 55 47,5 7-50S-3 463х205х318
TNUA 2,85-5,9 0,55 140-240 55 44,5 AMG-10 463х205х318
TNU-86А 6,9 0,5 130-220 70 25,7 AMG-10 514х210х350
TNU-86-3 6,9 0,5 240 70 25,7 NGZh (Skydrol) 514х210х350
TNUК 2,2-16 0,53 280 76 26,8 7-50S-3 536х217х350
TN-10 6,03 2,0 1500 20,4 fuel