Development of aviation fuel,
hydraulic and electrical systems.


The TG-17 consists of the air turbine drive, control module, shutters assembly and generator designed to provide fixed frequency AC to consumers in all flight modes.

The TP-35 is mounted on the helicopter gearbox and drives other units with constant rotational speed in all load conditions on the ground at atmospheric pressure, which corresponds to heights of 0-14,000 m. The turbine is driven with compressed air supplied from an auxiliary power unit.

In all turbine-driven units, speed governor runs on air which made it possible to significantly simplify its design, reduce its dimensions and weight, exclude the oil use and provide reliable start-up at a temperature of up to -60 °C.

Designation Power Drive (air) Mass Dimensions
kW kgf/cm2 kg/s kg mm
PPO-20 20 13,7 30 600х500х300
PPO-40 40 14,5 0,45-0,52 38 650х450х400
PPO-62 60 14,5 0,17-0,6 56 870х450х560
TG-17 16 14,0 31 336х509х336
TG-60/3S 60 2,5-8,2 0,64 110 520х900
TG-60/2SM 60 5,75 0,5 115 532х415х520
TP-20 20 35 11,5
TP-35 26,5 1,8-3,4 0,49 15 330х350х350
TP-15 15 30 15 440х370х390