Development of aviation fuel,
hydraulic and electrical systems.


Rise of flight speeds and increasing demands for reliability and service life issued new challenges for development of fuel systems and units of modern and promising supersonic aircraft.

Fuel consumption spiked rapidly which caused subsequent increase of pump capacities, diameter of pipelines and unit weight. Fuel temperature, at which fuel system units should operate, rose too.

Those factors in some cases limited and in specific cases rendered impossible the use of electric driven pumps in fuel systems of modern and promising aircraft.

In order to reduce the weight of fuel systems and the pump units proper, as well as to increase their reliability and service life, the GTN-6, GTN-7, GTN-10 and some other hydraulic turbine driven pumps were developed, with delivery rates ranging from 500 to 100,000 l/h to pump over fuel between tanks and for fuel pumping from the feeder tank to the engine driven pump.

Fuel hydraulic turbine driven pumps have some advantages, the main of which are: low weight, small overall dimensions, simple design, operational reliability, operational capability at high temperatures, explosion and fire safety. The last-mentioned at one time spurred the use of hydraulic turbine driven pumps in chemical industry when dealing with explosive working fluids.

Hydraulic turbines enable to achieve wide range of pump speed. The fuel being supplied by an aircraft engine-driven centrifugal pump is the working medium for hydraulic turbines of aircraft pumps.

The choice of optimum power supply circuits of aircraft pump hydraulic turbines and fuel discharge from them to a certain aircraft fuel system depends on particular requirements being imposed upon it and a power unit fuel system in terms of power aspects, weight, reliability, design and operation.

Dessignation Рт Qт Output flow Differential pressure Mass, max Working fluid Dimensions
kgf/cm2 l/h l/h kgf/cm2 kg mm
GTN-1 4,0 90000 2,0 10,0 fuel
GTN-10 19,0 18000 15500 0,7 2,3 fuel 220хØ110
GTN-11 19-55 5000/9000 50000 1,3/2,5 1,5 fuel
GTN-12 18,0 6000/6000 50000/25000 0,3/0,75 1,4 fuel
GTN-3 8000 0,65 fuel
GTN-3А 8000 0,65 fuel
GTN-3B 8000 0,65 fuel
GTN-6 16,0 4000 14000 0,7 2,2 fuel 170х108х171
GTN-7 16,5 7900 60000 0,7 2,0 fuel 218хØ115
GTN-7-3 10-23 6000/9800 15000/80000 0,45/0,75 2,1 fuel 163хØ165
Designation Hydraulic motor drive Output flow Differential pressure Mass, max Working fluid Dimensions
Рhm Qhm
kgf/cm2 l/h l/h kgf/cm2 kg motor pump mm
GPN-301 280 27500 40000 10,0 7,8 AMG-10 fuel 400х175х200
GPNA-303 280 780 40000 1,0 6,2 AMG-10 fuel 400х175х200
GPNA-305 280 33000 52000 0,8 6,3 AMG-10 fuel 400х175х200