Development of aviation fuel,
hydraulic and electrical systems.

About us

The company carries out development, production, realization, maintenance, warranty and service support, modernization, repair and utilization of units of aircraft fuel, hydraulic and electric systems. Possesses experience of development and manufacturing of products for other fields of industry.

The main task of the design bureau "Kristall" on the way of further development and improvement of domestic aviation equipment is the creation on the basis of many years of experience of a new scientific and technical reserve built on extensive experimental research and deep theoretical solutions using mathematical models of aggregates and systems that will provide higher characteristics and competitiveness of manufactured units.

Planned and already implemented programs to improve the management of the organization, reconstruction and technical re-equipment of production will in many respects contribute to the successful accomplishment of the tasks facing the team, and OKB "Kristall", as always, will make its significant contribution to the further development of the aviation and other industries of the Russian Federation.

Primary profile aircraft areas:
Pumps of aircraft and helicopter fuel systems:
  • centrifugal fuel pumps driven by DC and AC electric motors (supply 500 to 60,000 l per hour);
  • hydraulically driven tank fuel pumps (supply 500 to 100,000 l per hour);
  • ejector fuel pumps (supply 500 to 60,000 l per hour).
Fuel centrifugal engine-driven pumps:
  • centrifugal and vane fuel pumps driven by cruise engine.
Constant speed drives of generators for feeding electrical supply network with fixed frequency AC at all operating modes of aircraft:
  • constant speed drives;
  • fixed frequency AC hydrodynamic fuel generator drives (capacity of 15 to 150 kVa).
Turbine drive units for fuel, hydraulic and electric power supply systems.
High pressure fuel pumps with hydraulic torque converter driven by cruise engine operating under 100% to 1% change of supply.
Turbine units of aircraft emergency systems driven by incoming air and driven by Auxiliary Power Unit and cruise engine.
Small-size canned electric pumps with magnetic coupling for corrosive and special liquids and supply of up to 500 l per hour.
Turbine pump units for aircraft tankering.
It stands to mention the following latest implemented designs of the design bureau: Another important fields of activity of Kristall Design Bureau

An important direction for the Kristall" Kristall Design Bureau is the work on import substitution of fuel and power systems for MS-21 and Sukhoi Superjet, as well as the creation of new, promising models of aggregates, including those aimed at foreign markets.

Company name

Full: Joint-Stock Company «Kristall» Design Bureau

Abbreviated: «Kristall» Design Bureau

Registration information
  • Main State Registration Number (MSRN) — 1027739249009
  • Tax Identity Number (TIN) — 7720015691
  • Registration Event Code (REC) — 772001001
  • All-Russian Classifier of Enterprises and Organizations — 07536519
  • All-Russian Classifier of Territories of Municipal Formations — 45314000

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