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hydraulic and electrical systems.
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«KRISTALL» Design Bureau is the only developer of aircraft assemblies for aircrafts and helicopters
of various purposes.

The team of Kristall Design Bureau is a personnel of highly skilled, result-oriented designers and scientists, who work in different fields of creation of aircraft units.

The personnel of Kristall Design Bureau cooperates with the leading aircraft and engine manufacturing companies, scientific and research institutes, academies and universities relying on the latest achievements of science and technology, utilizing up-to-date methods of calculation and finding original design solutions.

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Kristall Design Bureau has a complete process cycle for pump unit production beginning with foundry and ending with assembling and test cycles, allowing to manufacture high-quality products at modern technological level, to provide their delivery, after-sales service and repair.

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Kristall Design Bureau carries out overhaul of in-house aircraft units.

Kristall Design Bureau possesses the complete set of documents, as well as all production and intellectual resources required to ensure timely performance of works and maintenance of world-class quality of services.


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